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Businesses searching for creative and interactive ways to reach new, loyal and active

customers are invited to partner with JR Entertainment’s “209 BEATDOWN II” Extreme

MMA Cage Fighting.

JR Entertainments “209 BEATDOWN III”, can increase your business exposure within

the most sought out demographic to advertise to and help provide quality entertainment

to MMA fans and those who have served our country and community.

The cross-marketing opportunities we offer will benefit your business and strengthen your

roots in the Central Valley and surrounding areas. Our Fight Fans will associate your brand

and likeness with the top-quality event JR Entertainment provides. We are constantly

looking for ways to be innovative and engage with our fan base. We offer many sponsorship

opportunities that can be tailored to fit your marketing goals and budget. Step in the cage

with over 2,100 fight fans and let them know who you are!


We offer branding through social media, and radio markets. We have a strong support system

with an ever-growing online database, which we will use to promote your brand or organization.

We are now on the forefront of the ever growing online streaming world. Not only will you be

featured at the event, throughout the fight and promotional events, but also long after the

original partnership when our Fight Fans replay bouts online.

We aim to provide value to sponsors by:

Providing opportunities for you to market your services to our ever-growing online fan base

as well as our new ROKU TV fan base and loyal fight fans. Providing you with opportunities to

become actively involved in the fastest growing sport today.

Constantly finding new and innovative ways to market our product and showcase our sponsors.

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